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Looking for a winning, proven franchise system that appeals to a large, mainstream crowd, and quickly converts them into raving fans? And, a system that’s simple to learn, and offers strong operator support? Well, you just found it! GW Gyro & Wings has a simple and easy-to-learn business formula, and serves food that customers crave. Our award-winning Gyro Wrap®, chef-created Wings, & hot-off-the-grill cheesesteaks are cooked fresh and bursting with favor. They create a market vibe the instant you open your doors. Then, our constant support and innovative programs keep your business fresh and dynamic, to maximize success. Our franchisees are like family, and we’d be honored to have you join us.

Why GW Gyro & Wings?

GW Gyro & Wings has a proven track record for success, and the commitment and passion to keep that trend going to serve our franchisees. Our menu is chef-driven, American favorites, and that’s exactly what so many people want. Our food is cooked fresh, hot, and brimming with flavor; and those food experiences make life worth living. We understand what support franchisees need, what food & labor costs you need, and we know how important excellent branding and store support are.

So, why GW Gyro & Wings? Because to maximize success, you need a strong franchise behind you who gets it… and we do!

Brand History

What a humble beginning we come from, and we’re so proud of our growth. GW stands for Great Wraps, our name in 90s when we served our famous, signature Gyro Wrap® sandwich, along with healthy wraps & salads. As we sought a larger, more mainstream market, we began adding more indulgent items like Wings & Cheesesteaks. Along the way, we had Chef Carmen, a popular Atlanta chef, develop amazing, proprietary sauces. Well, it wasn’t long before our signature Gyro Wrap®, Wings, and Cheesesteak became the most popular items on the menu, and we decided to rebrand Great Wraps to GW Gyro & Wings to effectively tell folks the unique “craveability” that we bring. And when we did that… whoa, the rest was history. We invite you to be a part of our history, either as a guest at our table, or as a GW franchise owner in your area.

Strong Franchise Support

From our very first contact with you, to your Discovery period, to store development, to your Grand Opening and beyond, our Team bends over backward to maximize your success. We will work closely with you to find a great location, that delivers the daily traffic we need to be successful. Once we secure that, we’ll never leave your side. That’s what a great franchise partner does, and we strive to be just that. Our training, and ongoing operational and marketing support are among the best in the industry. We can even transform first time operators into experts.

The simple fact is this: with a cutting edge food brand, and strong support, your prospects for financial success are so much greater. It starts with a flexible, effcient operation. If you currently operate a location that you’d like to convert to GW, or identify a potential space in a great location, we’ll help you understand the volume potential, so you can negotiate properly for that space. And if you’re looking for a location, we have relationships with the best retail brokers, shopping mall executives, and airports to help you find a great location.

This is great news for you! Instead of you settling for a secondary location because the brand is fully subscribed, GW Gyro & Wings has lots of open field running. You can choose major markets, and locations that are convenient for you. Just check the map to see where GW Gyro & Wings is looking to expand, and together we’ll find you a great location.

Market Availability

Franchise Criteria

GW Gyro & Wings is a proven, great concept, but still requires the necessary capital to emerge, and continue operating long-term. We want to make sure you have the financial ability to be successful. 

Franchise Fee


Marketing Royalty

Capital Requirements  $175,000 Liquid Assets;
$500,000 Net Worth

Estimated Total Store Costs*  $300,000 – $700,000*

*These figures are estimate only. Existing restaurant conversions to GW Gyro & Wings can cost significantly less, as do stores where we are granted significant buildout allowances from the Landlord. Leasehold improvements can be higher depending on condition of location, competitive situations, local building codes, Union labor involvement, and market conditions.

Steps To Ownership

Thank you for your interest in joining a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who are bringing the best and most popular American favorites to their local communities. So now you may be asking yourself what the next steps are in the discovery process? We’re ready to answer each and every one of your questions at your pace, so that you can make a great decision. Here’s a proven process that has moved many entrepreneurs through our process, and into business ownership.

This form should identify all potential members of your organization that are exploring a potential partnership with GW Gyro & Wings, including both active and non- active investors. Current personal financials for each individual should also be listed in detail. This form will help us determine if you have the financial and career experience to be successful in our System.

This document contains an excellent summary of our company officers, experience, and the terms of the franchise agreement you would sign should you decide GW Gyro & Wings is the right investment for you.

(Item 23, very last page in the FDD) – You may email this signed document directly to our sales team at GW Gyro & Wings or fax your receipt to 404-248-0180. Please note you are NOT committing to anything at this time, but the receipt formally reflects that you have received the FDD and started reviewing the terms of owning a GW Gyro & Wings.

We require each potential owner to meet with us in person so they know the team that will be supporting them, and develop an even greater understanding of our brand, and its potential for you. This is an excellent opportunity for us to hold open discussions on standards, mutual expectations, and our long-term partnership.

If we both decide that we’d make great brand partners, we’ll arrange meetings with you and other GW franchisees, so you can hear of their experience with us, their store performance, and their passion for the brand.

Now that you have set yourself up for success, it is time to officially welcome you to the GW Gyro & Wings family! From this point, we transition you to full-speed and assist you with site selection, lease negotiations, store design, construction, and (finally) your restaurant’s grand opening.


Let’s get connected, so you can fully understand what this opportunity is all about. We want you to be comfortable learning more about GW Gyro & Wings, AND we want to understand your situation and career goals, so we can all make a great decision on whether to move forward together. To be successful in the franchise business, it’s critical to find the right chemistry. To get started, please complete our online information request form. You will then be contacted by Kristen Greve, our Franchise Development Manager, and we will begin sending you all sorts of useful information.

Definitely not! It’s true that many food franchises expect kick-backs from their architects, equipment suppliers, contractors, etc., which increases your store opening costs. Our company heart is in a different spot, as we’ve chosen our approved construction vendors strictly because they are honest, dependable, and competitively-priced. They have the experience you’ll need to successfully launch your GW Gyro & Wings franchise on-time and within budget.

You do NOT need any food experience, although restaurant experience is a big plus. Many of our existing Franchise Partners did not come from a foodservice background. All you need is a willingness to follow our proven systems, good communication skills, and a passion for excellence. We’ll teach you the rest. Our two-week Training Program is extremely thorough, and easy to follow. Once you’re open for business, you’ll find GW Gyro & Wings a simple business to operate, and our support systems incredibly effective.

You know the old adage: “It takes money to make money”. Well, that’s still very much true. You’ll need existing liquid assets (CASH) of at least $175,000, and a net worth of $500,000. With that, you are then well-positioned to approach the Lender for the rest.

Absolutely not! With your prior food franchise experience, you’re a natural candidate to own a GW Gyro & Wings. However, once in our System, don’t be surprised if you get the sudden urge to commit most of your focus towards GW Gyro & Wings. After all, our huge business potential and expansion opportunities makes us a very dynamic and successful restaurant undertaking.

Yes, we will discuss granting protected territories, if you have that passion, ambition, expansion experience, and financial ability. We respect that many Franchisees want to develop and grow their own franchise territories. However, the core of the Company’s unit growth is granting qualified individuals a GW Gyro & Wings franchise for a specific area/location.

GW Gyro & Wings does not provide direct financing. However, we will assist you in obtaining financing through our third-party contacts or a financial institution of your choice.

We will provide you with a complete Restaurant Development Guide that contains all of our design, construction, and equipment specifications. To support you further, our Store Development Team will work closely with your approved architect, contractor, and other suppliers to make your store opening as easy, cost effective, and hassle-free as possible.

Once a solid location has been secured, designed and permitted, a GW Gyro & Wings unit can be built and open for business (barring unforeseen events) in approximately 12-24 weeks.

Our Franchise Fee for your GW Gyro & Wings franchise is $24,000.

Successful GW Gyro & Wings stores benefit from a strong business lunch. That’s why we look for locations that have robust daytime populations, like strip centers on busy thoroughfares, downtown business districts, locations near medical, government, or college campuses, or in a regional mall. And all locations must have reasonable Landlords who will cut us a fair deal, so that the money stays in YOUR pocket.

This is the key question! There are three elements to any successful franchise relationship: a proven brand, a great location, and a great operator. We have the first element, we’ll help you find an amazing location, and the third element is most often the X Factor – YOU, and your leadership and willingness to follow our proven program! Our best franchise partners have a passion for success, a commitment to quality and service, and a willingness to embrace our exceptional franchise systems.

Thank You For Your Interest in GW Gyro & Wings!

To contact us about getting started, questions, or general information, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

GW Corporate

17 Executive Park Drive NE
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GW Gyro and Wings Franchise

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